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Helping a friend or a parent

Helping a friend

It’s always good to start by talking to someone you trust: a youth worker, a teacher, a Connexions worker or a family member. It is important to find information on drugs and their effects. Once you have done your research, you are then in a better position to understand what the friend may get out of their drug use and the risks. Try to encourage your friend to find out more and talk to someone, or contact us for some support.

People have to make up their own minds about whether they use or don’t use drugs and you cannot make someone give up. You can support people and show them you care by listening to them. Supporting friends can be hard work, so ask for support for yourself and be honest if you can’t help.

Helping a parent

Just because a parent uses drugs doesn’t make them a bad parent. Good parents use drugs too. Some parents use some form of drugs or alcohol. This may be medication to treat something or they may have a glass of wine or a beer to relax at home or at the pub. Some parents do use illegal drugs and this can sometimes be a very difficult thing for you to deal with as you may have noticed things changing and feel that they would be a different kind of parent if they weren’t using drugs. If you are affected by this, we can support you.